30 Days of Prayers

The Ebook

This ebook was created to help those who are trying to conceive have a resource which focuses on fertility as well as your daily life that you would like to highlight before God. It helps to provide the language and vocabulary to express your deepest desires as you move through different levels of prayer to God.

There might be times when you feel as if you don't know what to pray while trying to get pregnant. 30 Days of Prayers While Trying to Conceive is an E-Book that has different prayers for each day that will bring you hope and increase your faith for a baby. Inside you will find powerful confessions and prayers that show you how to release healing into your body. Prayer topics include: ✔️The two week wait ✔️fruitful fertility ✔️ prayer to conceive twins ✔️blessing the womb and a whole lot more.

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